About Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati

Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati University (UGJ) which was established on January 16, 1961 firstly aimed to assist local governments in implementing development, especially the development of human resources through higher education. It was perceived very necessary, because at that time many high school graduates in Cirebon went to big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta to continue their study in higher education.

At the start-up, UGJ had only two faculties: The Faculty of law and Faculty of Economics, and the number of students at that time were around 300 people. In 1979, the institute for Teachers Training and Education PGRI Ciwaringin Cirebon joint with UGJ to form the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training. In 1983 UGJ established three new faculties, namely the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Engineering. In 2001, UGJi opened Graduate Program (S2), that is Master of Public Administration and Master of Agricultural Science.

In 2004, UGJ obtained permission for the opening of Communication Science Study program for undergraduate (BA) and in 2005 received the permission from the Director of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education to hold Graduate Program (Master) on Law Science Study Program with concentration on Law of Business and the Regional Autonomy. In academic year 2008/2009, UGJ got the trust from the Director of Higher Education, Ministry of Education Indonesia to establish the Faculty of Medicine by accepting the operating license to open the Study Program of Medical Science. In academic year 2009/2010, UGJ got the trust from the Director of Higher Education, Ministry of Education Indonesia with the release of an operating license for establishing Graduate Program of Indonesian Language Education.

Until now our University has developed the Undergraduate Program with seven faculties and a Postgraduate Program. Undergraduate Program consists of:

1.      Faculty of Law

2.      Faculty of Economics

3.      Faculty of Teaching and Education Sciences

4.      Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

5.      Faculty of Agriculture

6.      Faculty of Engineering

7.      Faculty of Medicine

UGJ is a relatively old university in the eastern part of West Java Indonesia that covers the Cirebon Municipality, Cirebon regency, Indramayu, Majalengka and Kuningan or Ciayumajakuning. Ciayumajakuning is one of the metropolitan region in Indonesia that covers the area of 5,450 (five thousand four hundreed and fourty kilometres square) and the population is around 6,7 (six point seven) million people. Ciayumajakuning is a growing region in terms of economy, industry and education. Most UGJ students come from that area and until academic year 2018/2019 UGJ has graduated 28,760 alumni.