Welcome to the Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati (UGJ)

We are an innovative and comprehensive research university based on local wisdom, founded in 1961, and built on a longstanding teaching experience. Our campus has a tagline PINTAR (SMART in English) which means Performance, Integrity, Networking, Trust maintenance, Achievement motivation, and Religious. The university has strong infrastructure based on science and technology and has a vision to innovate and continually improved research and development. UGJ also aims to spread the total quality approach to all civitas academica and to make internationalization in all areas.

Our main goal is to educate students to reach their ideals, knowledge, performance and skills in all academic education and working lives. For this purpose, our university, which serves with its young and dynamic structure, brings its students together with activities and programs that will bring difference and innovation in scientific, technological and social fields.

Furthermore, our university is located in strategic region which are Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka, Kuningan (Ciayumajakuning). UGJ is deeply rooted in, engaged with today’s city, playing a leading role in the recovery and conservation of the city’s magnificent, diverse historical and cultural heritage and a vibrant presence in local economy. With over 12,700 undergraduate and postgraduate students and 644 staff, the UGJ constitutes a powerful presence in a city of 317,000 inhabitants.

Our university is not only educational institution, it is also the information center that carry out studies on the development and contribution of the city, region and country in which they are located and shed light on research and innovation. UGJ plays roles to benefit the nation and humanity. Our University will bring difference to Indonesia higher education with the help of its performance, quality, international working environment and educational activities. Through research and education programs that are dedicated to generating new knowledge, the university is committed to serving the needs of the society. As the oldest and largest university in Ciayumajakuning, UGJ is specially charged with the responsibility to generate scholars and vision for the nation, through global interconnections that retaining cultural authenticity and a passion for social change.

This new edition of our website has been specifically designed to cater for our international students, guests and partners. I trust that, as such, you will find it useful and that it will serve to guarantee a warm welcome to our academic community, to further enhance cooperation with our international partners, and to ensure that our University continues to be truly open to the world.

We will continue our way with research, knowledge, innovation and development in the spirit of PINTAR.

We are eager to see you in Cirebon!




Dr. H. Mukarto Siswoyo, Drs., M.Si.