Student Life

Gunung Jati Swadaya University (UGJ) as the oldest university in Cirebon has 4 campuses, namely: (1) Main Campus is located at Jalan Pemuda No.32 Cirebon City, (2) Campus II is located at Jalan Perjuangan No.01 Cirebon City, ( 3) Campus III is located at Jalan Terusan Pemuda No. 01 Cirebon City and (4) Campus IV is the Faculty of Medicine building located at Jalan Taman Pemuda No. 2 Cirebon City.

In accordance with its vision, Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati (UGJ) added facilities, to date it has more than 128 classrooms accompanied by various supporting facilities such as buildings: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Social Sciences and Sciences Politics, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Postgraduate Programs, Research Institutions, Community Service Institutions, Innovation and Development Institutions, Academic Development Agencies, Business Development Agencies, Language Laboratories, Micro Teaching Laboratories, Computer Laboratories, Chemistry & Physics Laboratories, Soil Laboratory, Civil Engineering Laboratory, Experimental Garden, Library, Student Activities Center, Legal Aid and Consultation Institute, Polyclinic, Photo Studio, FM Radio Studio, Sports Facilities, Hall, Nurul Ilmi Mosque, Rhaudatul Ilmi Mosque, Faculty of Pharmacy Clinic etc.

UGJ also has Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Hotspot Area, Academic Management Information Systems (SIMAK), AKA and libraries

In UGJ campus, students can study comfortably, besides being equipped with complete facilities and will be upgraded regularly, the campus is in the middle of the city, where the campus is located close to the city center such as malls, tourist centers, culinary centers, and shopping centers whether modern or traditional.

As in this picture, students are doing a biology practicum in the Biology laboratory, Faculty of Medicine. Facilitated with comprehensive learning tools make students feel challenged to study more seriously and deeply.

This picture shows the on going activities at UGJ, Faculty of Agriculture. Get used to testing a sample of learning cases.

While this is one of the discussion activities "KUPAS KAMPUS" which uses campus studio television media at Faculty of Social and Politics. This simulation can stimulate students to speak up to discuss an issue that is presented with a good and correct speech ethic in expressing public opinion.

The world of journalism is an indispensable matter for the students of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of FISIP UGJ by doing a reportage simulation of  conveying the news, so that it can make them accustomed to do reportage in an oration or written writing.

UGJ also with the agreement in the MoU with universities abroad universities, provides opportunities for students to study abroad in the "student exchange" program,. This program is intended so that students can expand their knowledge, deepen their knowledge as well as get to know the life and culture of other countries.

Dance training to preserve the original culture of Cirebon and the Archipelago, also carried out by students who are interested in learning it, UGJ as a accommodating campus, helps to preserve this culture by preparing equipment to support the needs.

Cirebon, with a culture that is famous for its Mask Dance, will always be one with the culture in the State of Indonesia which consists of 33 Provinces and thousands of tribes. UGJ shows togetherness in the unity of the Indonesian people.

Training using traditional music instruments, GAMELAN in the Student Activity Unit in the arts, is a special attraction for students from inside or outside the area who study at UGJ.


Students who come from outside the Cirebon area also don't need to hesitate to stay in Cirebon during their study period or stay forever in Cirebon, because, around campus, there are many boarding houses for rent at various rates.

The choice of Boarding House provided by  campus is referred to as RUSUNAWA. The price is relatively cheap.

Even worship activities, students have been provided with a large mosque in the middle of campus field, and worship from other religions that are in the city of Cirebon.

Students can also enjoy various dishes served by the canteen that has been provided by  UGJ campus. In addition,  UGJ campus is located very close to the center of the crowd, so students easily find a variety of foods.

Taxation training was also carried out by UGJ Faculty of Economics students to develop their potential in managing taxes at UGJ Tax Center.