VISA & Immigration

Visit Visa Visa on Arrival (VoA)

Validity time: 30 days

You can apply for visa upon arrival in Indonesia, if the nationality included on visa on arrival countries list. Visit Visa on Arrival is valid for 30-day stay in Indonesia. The visa can be extended in local Immigration Office for 1 (one) time, to have another 30-day stay.


Entry requirement for Visa on Arrival:

1. Passport must be valid more than 6 (six) months as from the date entry into Indonesia

2. Round trip tickets

Minimum 1 blank pages

Visa by Applying in Indonesian Embassy/Consulate (VKSB)

Validity time: 60 days

You can apply Visit Visa in Indonesian Embassy or Consulates in your country, or the guarantor (OIA UGJ) could apply to the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta, Indonesia. Using this visa, a holder can stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days. The visa can be extended in Immigration Office for 4 (four) times, each extension will be given another 30-day stay. There are two types of Visit Visa: 1) single entry and 2) multiple entry. You can apply based on your purpose and frequency of visit.

You can use visit visa to come to UGJ for summer course, seminar, art and cultural events, short training and other activities as long as not exceeding the validity time of the visa.

Entry requirement for VKSB:

1. Passport must be valid for more than 6 (six) months (or 18 months for multiple entry) as from the date entry into Indonesia.

2. Sponsor Letter (provided by OIA UGJ)

3. Minimum 1 blank pages

4. Round Trip tickets


Limited Stay Visa (VITAS)

This type of visa is appropriate for foreigners coming to Indonesia for longer period of stay. VITAS will be converted to Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) once you arrive in Indonesia.

You are suggested to apply for VITAS to come to UGJ the purpose of student exchange program, degree program (undergraduate and postgraduate program), and other programs that require long period of stay in Indonesia (usually it is for 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years length of stay).

There are a number of different types of VITAS depend on the purpose of visit (for working, research or study). For student, you will need VITAS 316 for study purpose. You will be informed in detail and assisted by OIA UGJ in obtaining the proper VITAS.
In general, the entry requirement for VITAS are:

1. Copy of Passport

2. Application

3. Sponsor Letter (provided by OIA UGJ)

4. Letter of Recommendation (issued by relevant institution*, assisted by OIA UGJ)

5. Visa Authorization/Telex Visa (issued by Immigration Office, assisted by OIA UGJ)

*For study purpose, the recommendation is issued by Ministry of Education and Culture.

For research purpose, the recommendation is issued by Ministry of Education and Culture or Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI).