Language Course

Pusat Bahasa (Language Resource Center) UGJ is a technical implementation unit under direct coordination of Rector of Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati (UGJ). The center is responsible for providing language resources and services such as language training, language proficiency examination, and other language related services. Currently, the center provides the following language services:

1. Language proficiency examination:

    a. Test of English as a Foreign Language (ITP TOEFL); and

    b. Test of English Proficiency (TEP)

TEP is Test of English Proficiency. There are 2 parts of the test that will be followed by all students:

1. TEP ENTRY is required for new students (New Entry Students) to know the initial ability of their English. 

2. TEP EXIT is done as a form of effort in measuring the English language ability of prospective UGJ graduates and this is a kind of mandatory for all students both undergraduate and postgraduate  levels as one of the main requirements before taking the thesis session.     


2. Language training:

    a. General English

   b. Academic English

   c. Conversation

  d. English for Specific Purposes


3. Other services:

    a. Translation

    b. Proofreading and copyediting

    c. Language assistance in scientific writing such as journal articles, theses, dissertations, and proceedings

4. Future services:

    a. Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners (BIPA)

    b. English for Young Learners

    c. Indonesian Immersion

   d. English teacher training.

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