Nyepi Celebration in Pura Agung  Jati  Pramana


Approaching the new year of  Saka, since the afternoon, the Hindu that are in 5 districts in Cirebon regency had gathered in Pura Agung  Jati  Pramana. They started the ceremony by holding Melasti ritual and Tawur Kesanga at the day to night.

The ceremony of this Catur Tapa Brata is an exile that has 4 taboos, such as like  they are not  allowed to switch on the lamp or Amati Geni , they are  not allowed to  do the activities or Amati Karya , they are not allowed to go anywhere or Amati Lelungan  and they are not allowed to have fun or Amati Lelanguan.

In this ritual, the offering of the crops and poultry were prepared as an expression of gratitude for the given fortune. This ceremony was for as a cleaning of Buwana Agung and self Cleaning, even it was in the rain but the ceremony has been doing well seriously .

After finishing Tawur Kesanga, the ritual was continued by walking surround the Pura by bringing the torch and beating Kentongan. All the suite of ceremony before Catur Tapabrata was done,  the Hindus people in Cirebon was not complete in Bali due to limitations of conditions

It is also when  doing Catur Tapabrata, they didn't do it at their home . The hindus  in Cirebon, which were about two hundred  people  are more like doing  in the house to do Catur Tapabrata In  Pura because It was considered more specialized.

Pura Jati Pramana is the only one Pura in Cirebon area, with the limited people. They're also not able to complete a worship place with Gamelan like in Bali.