BAT Heritage Iconic Traveler Attention Center

An iconic colonial building in Cirebon and a traveler's attention. The building has a history of the British American Tobacco (BAT) cigarette industry. Standing tall on Jalan Pasuketan No. 1 Kampung Kebumen, Lemahwungkuk, Cirebon City.

The former cigarette factory has always attracted the attention of people and tourists because of its architecture. However, many do not yet know the exact history.

The BAT building has been designated as a cultural preservation by the Cirebon City Government. The BAT building was built during colonialism, which was in 1924. The year of construction was emblazoned on the front wall of the old building.

The BAT building has stopped producing cigarettes since 2010. Declining sales is one reason. Because as a cultural heritage, the BAT building is still guarded and cared for. This factory was captured by Japan, during the Second World War in 1943.

Six years after the Japanese-controlled company, BAT returned to producing cigarettes and began to show its glory in 1949, four years after Sukarno proclaimed Indonesia's independence. BAT continues to grow with a new name, BAT Manufacture Indonesia Limited.

The BAT building has an area of ??around one hectare. He said the cigarette production machines had been moved. This building has also been vacated. Some rooms in it, namely the production room, packaging, offices, and others. Until now the BAT building is still guarded and maintained. (quoted from various sources).