Tahu Gejrot is a Typical Food of Cirebon, Indonesia

Made from tofu and other seasonings. Tahu Gejrot consists of tofu that has been fried then it is cut into small pieces and then eaten with gravy mixed with chili, garlic, onion and brown sugar. Usually served in small layah made of clay.

Tahu Gejrot  is also a typical snack in the area of ??Cirebon which is popular among children and adults, because of its distinctive taste sensation. The way to eat it is also unique, namely with a small stick and then stabbed the slices cut of  tofu.

Currently Tahu Gejrot has spread throughout Indonesia such as Jakarta, Malang, Depok, Surabaya and several places in other big cities in Indonesia. The manufacturing process is quite simple, by smoothing garlic, red chili, cayenne pepper, onion, brown sugar , and salt, then add acidic water, water and soy sauce, then stir well.

After that, put fried tofu on a serving plate. Traders know that Tahu Gejrot is very easy to find, especially around the city of Cirebon and also several other areas in Indonesia because it is a popular snack.