Nasi Jamblang is a Special Food from Cirebon 

 The most typical of these culinary, it is rice that is wrapped in Jati leaf. Rice becomes fluffier (delicious). The name of Jamblang is taken from the name of the seller's first original place . If you visit Cirebon, it's not complete without culinary tourism.

One that must be tried is Sega Jamblang. In serving, the rice is wrapped in Jati leaf  for its portion. One serving of rice is generally one fist. So for one meal at least two packs of rice. While various side dishes are served in a buffet. Usually, a waiter will serve rice that is wrapped in Jati leaves according to the portion.

Then it is given fried sauce. After that, new buyers can choose another menu on a buffet . Side dishes are presented as a complement to Sega Jamblang with many choices. In addition there are chili sauce, tofu with the soup ketchup, lungs, liver stew or meat , fritters, potato satay, fried eggs , fish stews, salted fish, tofu, tempe, and others.

From those all menus, must be tried is fried sambal. Red chili with a special taste. Others are balakutak or sontong with thick sauce that is cooked with its ink. No wonder this cuisine is black like rawon. Indeed, the sensation of rice that is wrapped  in Jati leaves, felt.. Rice is very fluffier. Moreover, before being eaten, the rice was smothered in stew. taste on the tongue. In one direction, Jamblang is derived from the name of the village in the west of Cirebon Regency, the place of origin of the merchants which popularized the cuisine.