Kejawanan Beach

Kejawanan Beach isis one of the beaches in Cirebon region, West Java, Indonesia. It is a beach tourism location, a place for fish management (TPI Kejawan) and therapeutic tourism. Located at Jl.Yos Sudarso, Cirebon City. The location is closed  to the Cirebon

Port and Ade Irma Traffic Garden Cirebon. Besides that, we can enjoy the sunrise with a good position, which is right in the middle of the beach. In Kejawan, you can also tour around the beach by using motorboats owned by fishermen.

Besides fishing boats, there are also many rubber boats for rent for children to play water along the beach. If you're lucky, we can see a fishing boat that stopped and unloaded fish, because the location is closed to the Port of Cirebon. Visitors can take pictures on the boat and see fishermen carrying seafood.

The condition of the gently sloping and shallow coastline becomes its own attraction for visitors, especially children. Because they can play water to the middle of the beach. A culinary dish with a seafood menu with a view towards the sea, can be an alternative for visitors to lunch with the family, with fresh fish caught by local fishermen.