Webinar UGJ Talks Series 1

The Office of International Affairs (KUI) or also known as the OIA (Office of International Affairs), Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati (UGJ) held a UGJ Talks Series Webinar with the aim of sharing knowledge and introducing UGJ to the people of Indonesia and abroad. UGJ Talks Series 1st will take place on July 27th, 2020 with the theme "The Youth Choice Choices Campus". This webinar was attended by at least 324 participants from all over Indonesia. The webinar was opened by UGJ Rector, Dr. H. Mukarto Siswoyo Drs., M.Sc and moderated by the Head of KUI-UGJ, Gara S. Brajadenta Dr., M.Sc., M.Sc.Med., Ph.D. The presentation of material was delivered by speakers who have competence in their fields. The presentation of the first material was delivered by Siti Khumayah, S.E., S.H., M.Sc, Vice Rector IV, with the title "Tips for Choosing Study Programs at Universities and Tips for Successful Learning in Higher Education. She explained in detail about tips on moving towards the future with a passion that is in accordance with the interests of talent. The next presentation was by the Vice Rector II, H. Nasir Asman, Drs., M.M on the topic of Opportunities for Cooperation and Scholarship Opportunities at UGJ. He delivered about the complete facilities at the UGJ Campus and the chosen study programs as well as proving the progress of UGJ which has collaborated with more than 20 of the best campuses abroad. He also informed the opportunities of various Scholarship Programs both from the Government and from the UGJ itself, such as the Hafidz Alquran scholarship program provided by UGJ campus for the 2020/2021 academic year. Meanwhile, Dr. Ipik Permana SIP., M.Sc on this occasion explained the Success Story of UGJ Alumni, by having the knowledge, experience and skills he gained while at UGJ, the career he was treading as an UGJ alumni, evidently succeeded in bringing achievements to become Vice Rector III when this. This session also presented one of the other UGJ alumni, Khafiduddin S.T, who currently has a career and holds an important position in the prestigious Brighton Real Estate company. During the discussion session, there were more than 15 questions asked to the speakers. The participants seemed enthusiastic about the activity. This webinar also provides 4 free vouchers for UGJ TA 2020/2021 new student registration as well as several discount coupons from Wendy's. Thank you to all colleagues, institutions and all parties who have participated in the success of this event. Hopefully this webinar is useful for the nation's children. (NFS, KUI-UGJ)